Don Jazzy Reveals His Greatest Regret Is That He Is Not Lagbaja


Nigerian finest music producer and arguably the most humbled celebrity in Nigeria, Michael Collins Ajaere, Popular known as ‘Don Jazzy’, shared his pains of being a celebrity.

For the 32 years old Abia State-born music guru, having a successful career wants people to know his work and love his work.

But according to him, he claims he doesn’t like the fact that he can’t step out and be himself, citing instances like wearing his ‘own’ pyjamas on him and not getting people complaining about it.
He went on to say that there are a lot of things he craves to do as a normal human and feels right to do, which to him is human rights, and doesn’t see any reason to reduce basically his own rights as a human, just as lots of people have that freedom to go on social media and say whatever they feel like they want to say, but the reverse is the case for him, without him been attacked.

For the celebrity model, gifted singer and Mavin records CEO and Chief, the best idea ever is the ‘lagbaja’ (face-masked). As when he (lagbaja) is wearing his mask, he is lagbaja, and when he is not wearing it, the public eye doesn’t know who he is. Don Jazzy bwent on to laud the Nigerian afro beat musician’s face-masked concept.

Don Jazzy claims he maintains a dual and split personality due to his career, which is Michael Collins for when he isn’t seen around or spotted with a walking stick and Don Jazzy when he is with the stick.

The Nigerian superstar wished he came up with that concept first, as he can’t step outside and do whatever he pleases.

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