Chris Brown now a Born again Christian ? Fans react



The singer took to his Instagram page,to express his inner self. In his words “I’m konfused, I always thought I knew the concept of love, fame and money, I can’t speak for everyone but i can say that most of my actions contributed to my karma.
There has been times  where i  looked in the mirror, i  hated the person i see, i talk to God a lot now, He’s given me much and i feel like i waste his gift becuz of the choices i make or mistakes.
I tend to accept negative or the riff raff, becuz i know what it’s like to be a young black N!gga in America.
This is my white flag, i surrender to life and it’s blessing, never to be petty and attention seeking”
His fans wasted no time in reacting to the post, while some encouraged him to hold on to God some teased him, asked him to stop taking Crack.

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