Nnena Omali – “My Shakara”


Nnena Omali is not a new face. The singer has been in the music business for quite a while growing an impressive following over the years with her unique style and rare quality of musicianship.

She released singles like Palava and Kulie Dide sometime back, both great songs respectively.

“My Shakara”, Nnena Omali’s latest work yet again captures the essence of African culture and love using a meshwork of percussive sounds and melodies to relate a tale of a woman’s relationship with the suitor whose heart she tested before they became partners for life.

The artwork for the single is a painting by renowned Ghanaian artist Peniel Enchill.

Be inspired as you listen to this truly Afro-centric music by a charming young vocalist worthy of acclaim.


DOWNLOAD Nnena Omali-My Shakara

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