5 Things To Note As An Upcoming Artiste


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The competition to make it (or as they say “blow) in the Nigerian Music Industry is a very fierce one. What does it take for that upcoming artiste to make it to the big stage? We have compiled a list of 5 things you must do as an upcoming artiste to make it to that elevated status of the A-lister. Read below and don’t forget to share your thoughts.

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  1. Carve out a unique trademark for yourself

This might sound cliché, but it can never be too true. Take a look at the upcoming artistes who have made it to the big stage and you will agree with me that about 90% of them have a unique trademark that distinguishes them. For some, it could be the way they speak, for some, it could be slang, anything. It’s good to be versatile but make sure there is something your fans can identify you with. For example, when you hear Chinese lyrics on a track, you’re sure Chinko Ekun is somewhere there. Or when you hear “Jagaban, Ain’t nobody badder than”, you know Ycee is there. Even Oladips has a trademark, whenever you hear “Omo Iya Aje”, you know he is surely on the track!

  1. Space out your releases

As an up and coming act, it is paramount to make the studio your second home, always recording good stuff. But what most artistes fail to grasp is how to make your works exclusive. You don’t release a song today and release another next week as an upcoming act. You can have tons of songs in your repertoire but you should only pick the best of the best to release and promote it with the help of your PR agent and Manager (Check No. 5)

  1. Watch the size of your songs

This is basically the job of the producers but most producers these days are always in a hurry to complete the mixing and move on to the next. What they fail to realize is that no one wants to waste his/her precious data on an upcoming artiste and once they see an outrageous size, they won’t download it no matter the content. I have seen an upcoming artiste with a song of 13MB! I mean! Your song should be a maximum of 5MB and no less. When your song is 13MB, how big can your video get? Please wise up!

  1. Do not be in a hurry to join a label.

The allure of a record label to most upcoming artistes is like the Holy Grail. They believe once you get signed to a record label, you are made. WRONG!!! Record labels are a good avenue for stepping up your fan base but do not forget that these same labels are business oriented and would use you for everything you’re worth. Make sure you have a growing fan base before you even venture into signing for any record label.

  1. Get a good PR agent & Manager

Most artistes would frown at the money this would cost them but the plain truth is, no matter what you are doing, you will have to spend. Money begets money. Another mistake artistes make is using their friends as their PR agent or Manager. If your friend is experienced in that field, no problem, but you don’t say because you and Kunle grew up together, Kunle has to be your manager. No! Get someone who is experienced and who know what it takes to push & manage an artiste. Your PR agent should be in charge or pushing your materials to the outside world, making sure people hear what you can do. You manager on the other hands manages you as an artiste, your works, your shows and everything else.






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