Crinerry x Hybrid – No Walls (Remix)


The wait for something real, something that touches down to the soul, something far from the usual but has a beating heart comes to an end as we witness the making of history in our time, presenting a living testimony of a legend before the prime, Nash Entertainment home of the realest circle unleashes the best kept secret in hip hop, music that has no barriers

Life in itself has been stereotyped with a belief that it is encompassed and sectionalized by upper rooms and lower rooms, inner groups and outer, classes and levels today the record is been set straight its that where you are coming from is a map to where you are going to

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Crinerry the savior of rap, the hottest thing to come out from the north in a time where we are facing a dying breed of lyricist, true to the game greeted by fame but staying the same, he goes on to prove on what you are about to listen to because definitely you would want to listen to this lyrical material that ends the stereotype slavery, psychological lox and bondage that are housed under an umbrella for life in itself is like a sea not a house for there are NoWalls just shores that can be extended by tides at the shores so the more you as a river thrust your tides you increase the shores, there is no limit to what we can achieve

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So there you have it Nash Entertainment presents the beast of rap Crinerryfeaturing Hybrid on the song title No Walls


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