ALBUM REVIEW: Triple MG – The Evolution


After much hype and buzz, one of the most
talked about recording and managing
companies in Nigeria in recent times, Made
Men Music Group (Triple MG) co-owned by
Iyanya and Ubi Franklin has dropped its
first collabration album featuring all artistes
signed under the label; Iyanya, Emma
Nyra, Selebobo, Tekno and Baci.
The 14 track album titled, “The Evolution”
is preceded by singles, “Say Yeah” &
“Angelina” lifted from it, seems to be the
beginning of something good for the group.
Selebobo who produced most of the tracks
on the album did a good job mixing and
mastering. The album contains mostly
commercial songs with recycled beats and
lyrics. It seems like the album was mainly to
promote the groups upcoming acts. While
the album has its flaws, it is a commendable
Go through a track-by-track review of, “The
Evolution” and tell us what you think

Say Yeah – The album kicks off with
collaboration by the Tripple MG gang which
sounds very much like the group’s anthem. I
particularly like Emma Nyra’s part in the
song. The beat was good although it
sounded like something was missing and the
Igbo rap was not bad at all. Way to open an
album. I admit it aroused my curiosity
because it’s not your usual noisy club song
although I didn’t care much for the intro.

Poco A Poco – The second track on the
album has an upbeat tempo. It makes one
want to really dance. This track could a club
banger. The Poco A Poco hook is quite

Amigo – Emma Nyra’s Amigo is definitely a
favourite. The afro-pop track which addresses
her “fine bobo” makes one want to dance the
traditional way. The steady beat, her voice
and the way she plays with words is
absolutely supersonic.

Mr. Orio – starting off with beat like that of
Banky W’s Loving you, the song sounds
absolutely familiar. Perhaps it’s Iyanya’s
combination of tunes from different popular
songs or the beat that makes it so. However,
generally the song was not catchy enough.

Alleluyah – Tekno’s Alleluyah sounds
suspiciously like a cover of Shaba Ranks’
“watabumbum”. It’s a nice reggae attempt
albeit it lacks content. Produced by Tekno
himself, the beat and the “ahoo” sound are
what make the song interesting.
Angelina – While the song has a catchy tune
as well as nice enough instrumentals, there is
so much repetition because we keep hearing
the same lyrics. One can say it lacks content
although Baci and Iyanya’s voice makes one
want to overlook that….almost.

Asampete – this track is totally different
from others in the album. It’s a love song
with a highlife feel. The beat is slow but
enjoyable. While one might not understand
Igbo, you can’t get tired of listening to the
track. It’s very enjoyable.

Dreaming – The track produced by DJ
Coublon comes with beats sounds very much
like O’Marion’s ice box. Iyanya and Emma
Nyra’s voice blended well together but
Emma’s voice was a tad too loud/sharp.
Selfie – This song is definitely for the “selfie”
taking people. The Selebobo produced track
sang by him has a very catchy tune. While it
is witty, it failed to hold my attention for long.
The track reminds me of the Mavin’s
Dorobucci. If properly directed, a video of this
song won’t be bad at all.
Showcase – the song obviously appreciates
a woman’s physical attributes. There’s not
much to say about this track. The beat
sounds vaguely familiar and the lyrics don’t
make much sense. It sounds like a weaker
version of Timaya’s Ukwu. Tekno failed to
impress on this one.

Aphrodisiac – this afro beat song is really
enjoyable. Baci’s voice came out well and
Emma’s underground input was a nice
touch. It’s along the same lines as Asampete
just not as good.

Follow you – Baci’s voice is arguably one of
the strongest in the group. The song though
nice, has no special features. It’s just your
regular love song with a very nice beat
thanks to Selebobo’s input.

Zamina – Shakira would definitely dance to
this song. Not quite sure what “Zamina” is
supposed to be, but it makes one want to
dance. The tempo is not too fast and though
the beat could have been better, it is good

Osho – Rounding up the album, the drum
beat and guitar in this Iyanya/Tekno collabo
made the song.

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