INTERVIEW: Gbeduloaded Exclusive Interview With 2Of A Kind


Gbeduloaded (GbeduL): Let’s get to know you guys; who is 2Of A Kind?

Great (G): Yes thank you very much. 2Of A Kind is a musical group made up of identical twins; my twin bro, Jiho O. Delight and myself, Great O. Delight. We’re Idoma by tribe from Benue State but by virtue of our itinerant lifestyle, we have come to imbibe various cultures from all across the nation, so you can say we are complete Nigerians (laughs).

Gbeduloaded (GbeduL): Nice. So, how did you come up with your stage name 2Of A Kind?

Great (G): The Most High gave us the name in a divine encounter. We used to be ‘Rhema Voices’ while we were ministering songs in Church, until after service one day, a lady who was a church member as well, walked up to us and said “do you know that you guys are two of a kind? All your actions and ways are just too similar. Why don’t you bear the name 2of A Kind?” And that was it o, the rest, as they say, is history.

Gbeduloaded (GbeduL): When did you first start singing?

Jiho (J): Well, we started at the age of 8, as far back as that time.

GbeduL: Wow, since then?

Jiho (J): Yeah.

GbeduL: Let’s talk about your style of music. A lot of your fans have observed that 2of A Kind no longer sing the R n B they used to be well known for and in fact, you have metamorphosed into Afropop and even Fuji over the years. How do you respond to this?

J: Simply, we had to keep being relevant to all the music lovers, especially the Nigerian music lovers out there who prefer AfroPop and Dancehall these days. And to do that we formed what we call ‘FujiPop’. We infused R n B with AfroPop and Fuji all into one to get the sound you now hear from 2Of A Kind.

GbeduL: That’s interesting. It’s good to know you’ve created your own sound to give you an edge in the market.

G: Yeah, you’ll observe that we did it in ‘Upgrade’…

J: (cuts in) …and Fine Baby, our second single. You’ll see that same creativity at play, where we even sampled some Adewale Ayuba flows (all laughs).
GbeduL: So can you tell us how you came up with such a powerful song as Upgrade? That’s in fact, one of my favorites.

G: (smiling) That’s good to hear, thanks. Well, everything is born out of inspiration for us. Just like we didn’t just wake up one day and decide to go into music. The lyrics and hook to the song Upgrade came in a dream, so when I woke up, I called Jiho and we worked on the arrangement together. We just had fun with it in short.

GbeduL: Did your parents always support your music career from the start? Any major obstacles coming down this line?

J: We had what you’d call “mega” obstacles (all laughs). You see, many talented people out there had nobody to support and fend for them in their early years and 2of A Kind is no exception. We were faced with a myriad of challenges – we still are! But praise to the Most High, things are evidently better now. Our mum in particular, wanted us to go for a white-collar job but the music inside of us kept pushing us in this direction.

GbeduL: Ok, so talking about your struggles as artistes I can’t help but notice your fluent English. I know you both are university graduates, right? How did you successfully combine your academics with music and tell us what you studied in school?

J: Yes, we graduated as Historians from the prestigious Benue State University. Combining music and school wasn’t easy, as anyone who has done it will tell you, but, long story short, here we are. Thanks to the Almighty.

GbeduL: You both sound very religious; are you Christians? What’s your faith like?

G: Actually we prefer to refer to ourselves as core-faith people. It’s all about our interaction with the Most High our Maker and how we know and understand Him. We researched further to understand Him more and discovered that He is way bigger than how a lot of people perceive Him to be. I wouldn’t describe us as Christians in the way that many understand Christianity to be.

J: Yes, just to add to that, Christianity is actually a way of life not a religion, as many have made it to look like. And our guiding principle is to KNOW our Maker, who has given us everything including the power to create wealth.
GbeduL: Let’s talk about how a lot of people tend to view musicians. Many people sort of look down on them because of the social vices a great number of them engage in. What do have to say about this?

G: To be clear, 2of A Kind is totally averse to drinking, smoking and illicit drug use of any kind. We are naturally ‘high’ if I must put it that way (all laughs). So we have made it our point of duty to be role models to the younger ones coming up.

GbeduL: Am glad we are on this topic of being role models, maybe now will be the best time to clear the air on some rumours making the rounds that you both are Gaey, especially seeing how close you are and how incredibly handsome you both look, one may be right to think so, right?

J: (speaking pidging) Ah-ah, the way you sef fine like dis, e mean say you be Gaey? No nau. Our closeness is such because we were raised this way…

G: (cuts in) …and twins are mostly very close as you know, so that matter should be laid to rest. We don’t support that in any way – only corrupt minds would say things like that about us.

GbeduL: You’re obviously very close, but is it true that some weeks back you had a serious fight with each other…maybe concerning an illuminati deal gone bad?

J: Woah, woah, woah, hold it right there…

G: (cuts in) …even the tongue and teeth constantly fight abi, yet they’re best buddies. Anyway, concerning this illuminati stuff, let’s just call it a rumour for now, we don’t want…

GbeduL: But were you approached by any persons or…?

G: (cuts in again) …we really don’t want to comment on any of that right now. We’ve been advised to keep mum on that issue, so…thank you.

GbeduL: Ok, let’s keep that aside, tell us; what would you NOT do for a million dollars?

J: We would not engage in any questionable deals. I wouldn’t want anything that would cost me something dear and cause serious depression afterwards.

GbeduL: Tell us your thoughts on the Nigerian Music Industry as it is now.

J: The Nigerian music industry has grown significantly because, time was, when you would go to a night club and be hearing songs like 50cent’s In da club. I mean, just imagine dancing your azonto or etighi to that song in a club today – totally out of place (all laughs). Naija music don upgrade o.
GbeduL: Yes, that brings to mind your song Upgrade featuring Mekoyo of the Styl-Plus fame. Why him and what’s your relationship like?

G: (smiling) Mekoyo is more like a big brother to us; he’s a friend, a colleague, a role model, and a very meticulous producer. That’s why we chose to work with him, plus this isn’t our first time working together, so naturally we just blended. Once you do a record with Mekoyo, you’d want to return for another fireworks session; he’s that good. Abeg, a big shout to Mekoyo jare for being such a blessing.

GbeduL: Any role models?

J: Yes; Michael Jackson, Boys II Men and P-Square.

GbeduL: Have you had any encounter with P-Square? Would you like to do a song with them someday, especially seeing how similar you all are?

J: (smiling) definitely, we love their music and personality. Personally we hope to do a song with them. But no, we haven’t met with them yet, that’d be soon enough though.

GbeduL: Tell us a few other things about yourselves. Do you speak any other languages apart from Idoma and English?

J: Yes, I also speak Hausa, plus I understand and speak a little Yoruba and Gbagyi.

G: In addition to Idoma and English I speak Hausa, French, some Yoruba and fluent pidgin (all laughs).

GbeduL: So what’s your relationship status?

G: I am currently single and seriously searching. It’s complicated out there, you know.

J: Well, Jiho ain’t searching but am currently single as well. I just want to be focused for now, you know.

GbeduL: Briefly describe your ideal woman?

J: She has to be gentle and calm, very beautiful, of good behaviour and a lover of children.

G: I’d love my ideal woman to be curvy and beautiful; she must not keep secrets from me and she must have adoration for the Most High.

GbeduL: So how do you handle your female fans, seeing that you both appreciate the Creator’s work of art on the fairer S3x?

(Both laughing)

G: Well, we try as much as possible to create boundaries because it’s not easy being public figures and some your female fans go as far as trying implicate you or put you in a compromising situation. So bros, we dey play safe o.
J: Yes, we try as much as possible to keep to a moral code in order to avoid scandals.

GbeduL: Any rough or embarrassing experiences as artistes that you’d like to share?

J: Yes o, many-many, but one major one that I can’t shake off was the day we were performing on stage in front of a large crowd and the DJ somehow started fumbling, due to some technical issues I think. We entered with so much hype and it was already going south for us pretty fast. Luckily we had done our rehearsals properly so we just improvised there and then, and it was really awesome…

G: (cuts in) …and another very rough experience we had was having to go looking for finances, cap in hand, to help finance our music. All the disappointments, discouragements and embarrassments we got were indeed more than enough to make us quit but thanks to Jehovah, here we stand.

GbeduL: You’ve been through so much indeed, do you have any pleasant memories you’d love to share?

J: One unforgettable and pleasant memory we have is when we used to walk on railroad tracks back then as kids in Makurdi, and my twin and I would sing at the top of our voices and visualize while sharing dreams of how we would start our music empire …

G: (cuts in) …and help people in need…today, we have come this far in fulfilling that dream, thanks to Jehovah, and this is only the beginning!

J: Yes, and another encourager we’ve had is being blessed to have a loving, as well as hardworking team around us to support us – the Lionite crew of McManamans Entertainment – shout out to them! You guys rock, big ups!

GbeduL: So what would be your advice to up and coming artistes and aspiring musicians out there?

G: Know yourself, define yourself, and be stubborn about your career. Don’t let anyone hold you back, direct your will to the Lord Almighty and watch yourself soar higher than ever.

J: I would add that you should also spend good money on promoting your music, if you don’t, no one will. People will just keep telling you: ah, your song is nice o. But you won’t be getting paid-shows and endorsements if you don’t advertise yourself, so to speak…
G: (cuts in)…yeah pay good money to promote your songs so you can be heard as you’ll gain returns in multiple folds; the internet is one sure way to do this – everyone is online these days, so make yourself available and your music accessible.

GbeduL: It’s been interesting having 2of A Kind in the building today, any final words as we wrap this up?

2of A Kind: We’re happy to have done this, we appreciate for this wonderful opportunity to let our fans get to know us better, because they have been so supportive of us from the word go. We want to appreciate all the DJs, marketers and promoters that have helped, and are still helping 2of A Kind become a brand to be reckoned with. We invite more partners, associations and groups to team up with us on this journey to the top, we are expanding and we want you to be a part of it. Major thanks to the Most High for all He’s been and ever will be to us. We love you all.
GbeduL: Alright, we must also say a big thank you to you guys for giving us your precious time out of your busy schedule, and we also hope to have another wonderful segment like this again some other time.


  1. You rock my world @ 2of a Kind..
    Sure, you’re storming places this year…2015 is a sure year for MME. Fire-on!

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