Chris Brown Warns Aspiring Artistes Not To Take His Advice (See Reasons Why)


Chris Brown has been one of the biggest singers in the music business since he signed his record deal ten years ago in 2004 at just 15-years-old, so you may expect he would have some pretty good advice for any would-be artists out there wanting to achieve his level of success. But his wise words might come as a surprise for some after he told fans “don’t take my advice.”
Speaking in a clip from his new documentary The Rise And Rise Of Chris Brown he admits to having made his mistakes in the past and eats a big slice of humble pie, proving that maybe he has finally learnt his lesson from it all. In fact Chris, 25, appears to be extremely remorseful for his troubled past.

When asked what his tips for up and coming talent are the chart-topper gives the honest answer: “I’d say, ‘Well, don’t take my advice because I’m gonna show you the wrong way to do it.’”
In the clip from the show – obtained by HollywoodLife – Chris also talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who you can trust and who won’t just want you for your fame and will want to help you grow as an artist.
He said: “Just keep your circle really tight, make you’ve got a lot of loyalty around you. Real people who want to see you be the best that you can be, not just what you can bring them, you know be it fame or wealth or whatever it is. A good team – people who are smart and who think about your best interests.”
Chris also played on the importance of not becoming too involved in your own ego because it will put people off listening to and buying your music regardless of how talented you are. He added: “At the same time don’t let the fame get in the way of your talent, because sometimes you can be super talented, but then arrogance plays a part in it, you start getting C0cky and then that overshadows the talent. So then it’s like ‘I don’t really like that person because of how they act.’”
And he admitted that the most important things you can do if you are faced with the temptations of fame are to remain true to yourself and focus on the music. He said: “Being humble is the key, be yourself, stay true to yourself and your music. That’s all you need to do.”
Sounds like great advice from what could well be a changed man.
The Rise And Rise Of Chris Brown airs on October 28 on Music Choice Play in the US

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