L-J Saaaviour And RocKNana Reconcile At Ladies Night Out 2018


It was all fun on Friday March 9th at Pegasus Lounge as the fun loving people in Akwa Ibom came through for Ladies Night Out to mark the International Women’s Day.

It was a sight to behold as numerous female artistes were either discovered, recognised or/and both. We witnessed the likes of Eka, Patinna, Alexis Glory, RocKNana, Tracy, DJ Ritzy, DJ Jemmy, Usimeke, De Swagger Queens & Honey Wail exhibit astounding acts and put up outstanding performances.

Male celebrities like Lybra, Oga Sir, Pope Don X, Emzee and Flash Money also made it to the event alongside special uninvited guest L-J Saaaviour, the M.A.D Entertainment Akwa-Ibom HipHop veteran, who came through too to celebrate with the Ladies on event of the International Women’s Day as well as to quash the beef, which sparked up earlier on in the year, with Akwa-Ibom’s trending wavy Diva “RocKNana” the HUK Entertainment’s First Lady.

Music Entertainment stakeholders in attendance like Asteroid Bassey, Jay Razor, Miklow, DJ William and Big Sammy X welcomed this development and are looking forward to more hits by the young and legit Stars. We may want to expect a collaboration as well but to know what the future holds, follow

RocKNana on Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram.


L-J Saaaviour on Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram.

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