Mafex Prints Gives Back


End of the years are usually marked with all kind of events across the globe. Events with ranges like Charity, Business, Entertainment and and more. One amongst the many organized end of 2019 caught our special interest.
It caught Gbeduloaded  interest not for just the fact ,that we are always amongst the first to track   events of public intrest in  Nigeria but the golden fact,that the event has gone unnoticed for years now.
A print Giant, Mafex printing Nigeria Limited ,for years have been organising an event tagged “Mafex Award for Excellence where their staff and Customers are given special recognition and iconic awards for solid patronage and staff for their contribution towards the growth of Mafex Prints Nigeria Limited. Located in U.T.C Area 10 of the federal capital Territory, Mafex Prints has proved to be an organization to be reckoned with in the printing industry across Nigeria.

When asked why the award has stayed hidden all the while, the C.E.O of Mafex Prints, Mrs Maria Igbaraese said,”we feel  that at the right time, the media will sure find out about us and besides, it is not for show off but for true recognition of excellent individuals and direct appreciation from us to them”

When asked what the motivation has always been for the growth of the company, she said, “We are driven by the passion to be amongst the best across not just Nigeria but the Globe, reason we apply professionalism to all aspects of our dealings and always on the look out for new ideas and tools for our trade”

When asked what the future holds for them, the Chairman board of Directors, Mafex Prints Mr. Felix Igbaraese came to his wife’s rescue and told us that, They plan to best themselves every passing year and are looking forward to the  establishment of Mafex prints in other parts of the country and beyond the Nigeria walls in the foreseeable future.

Awards were presented to the winners by The C.E.O,Mrs Maria Igbaraese and her husband Mr Felix Igbaraese. Smiling, the winners expressed joy and promised to do more. Those who did not go home with prizes where not angry but fired up and many promised to put in more efforts to be winners in the coming years.

loaded, had a good time there as many customers and associates plus all present were treated to sumptuous varieties of meals.
Happy holidays from us.

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