Ankpa Adakole Abraham popularly know as papazz is a song writer, singer and dancer from olamaboro local government kogi state Nigeria  , he was born  April 30 1992 in kirikiri town Lagos Nigeria, he attented  St Margaret comprehensive collage after which he went to tenstrings school of music. His genre of music is Afro combo,which is a fusion of afro ,reggae and other genres his lyrical content revolves around themes of love, hope and resiliency. He’s the seventh of eight children by his parents, he grew up with two sisters and five bothers. Growing up in a Christian home  was a bit tough for him going into entertainment  cos they wanted him to do either gospel or do something else outside entertainment but he sees music beyond just singing for a particular religion despite the fact that he was in the choir, but his music is for the general audience  ,he was insulted and humiliated because he wanted to do his kind of music,  he grew up listening to Bob Marley, lucky dube,Michael Jackson and Brenda fassi .he started writing poems and songs at 11,dancing and art too was  something he really enjoyed. He constantly watched Michael Jackson’s video then to learn moves although one amongst his brothers was a very good dancer who taught him some basics too, he later joined a dance crew and still wrote  more songs, he started recording songs with friends inside their rooms with just laptop,headphones with  mic, doing mixtapes going for competitions and performances, he did his first studio recording in 2007.

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